February 5, 2016

The use of pearl powder is an eccentric idea to people in the United States. But, the fact is that pearl powder has been used throughout history for health, wellness, beauty and peace of mind. How many people knew what green tea was 30 years ago or what an energy drink was 20 years ago? But now, these are common staples on the shelves of our stores.

The nutritional value of pearl powder comes from the many amino acids and minerals like calcium found in the pearl. The level of calcium is excellent for calcium deficient persons with issues such as osteoporosis. With SEKSI, you get the right amount for your body to absorb the benefits.

It's terrific for the skin too.

Try just might like it and when someone asks about your flawless skin, you can smile and tell them you are drinking SEKSI these days!

February 10, 2016

If you have children and they are easily startled or prone to crying, giving them pearl powder may help stabilize their mood and prevent this type of nervous crying. This ancient remedy is quite effective and is still used in many modern formulations today. Unlike other tranquilizers, pearl nacre does not do any harm to children. It is in fact completely harmless. It is without any worrisome side effects at all. So be assured with giving it to your loved ones.

Mix pearl powder with their food, such as milk, juice or the baby formula. You are on the way to bring up a smart, healthy and well-behaved kids.

April 2, 2016

People often ask me what is SEXY?  I haven’t been able to confine my definition of SEXY.

Attractive, exciting, appealing is how the dictionary defines it.  If you google that question, you will find all kinds of different answers.  So, how do we define ourselves as a market leader in the functional drink segment with a name like SEKSI?

Sexy is being you.  Confidence and sexiness cannot come from trying to copy others or trying to be something that you are not.  There is nothing happy or healthy about that. 

 SEKSI isn’t definable.  It the essence of who you are…unique in all ways.  It’s a state of being. 

The new cool is simple:  Be You, Be SEKSI!

April 11, 2014

Today’s blog post is about something other than our great product.  We are taking a step back to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship.

When you say the word ‘entrepreneurship’, what comes to mind?  Working for yourself? Taking long vacations without answering to anyone?   Being the boss and not having to explain yourself to everyone?  Well…let me pinch you so you can WAKE UP! 

Starting your own business (let alone with a new product or brand) is a challenging experience that takes dedication, focus, determination and sacrifice without any direct reward (like a paycheck) for quite some time.  Every time I meet with someone and they tell me that they know a person who built a multi-million dollar company in a year, I laugh to myself.  Unless you started with a lot of money or a lot of human capital, it is very rare to successfully navigate the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship without living through the school of hard knocks. 

With all that being said, one might ask, why should I dip my toe into the entrepreneurship tsunami?  Because that’s where you have the real power to create the future. 

In America, I think a lot of people have forgotten how this country was built.  There were no States, no roads, no flags and no governing document giving us all opportunity to live our dreams.  Now, we just take it for granted that all of these things exist, but it took real people to create these things and bring them to reality.  That’s what I think I do on a daily basis.  I sincerely want to create opportunities both for myself and all of the people around us.

I think it’s worth having a conversation about entrepreneurship with our children instead of just making them memorize stale statistics.  They are our collective future and it’s never too soon to capture all the great ideas they may have before they start to become ‘a functioning member of society’. 

The global landscape is changing at a faster pace than any other time in history, thanks to technology.  I think entrepreneurs are poised to adapt to changes and challenges faster than most people and they are willing to take the risks to provide solutions to those challenges. 

I am proud to say that I am an entrepreneur and I believe that opportunity still exists for everyone willing to do the work and make the immediate sacrifices for the future rewards. 

Now, get out there and support your local small business!  You may just find something unique and you will have a direct impact on your community.  Makes you feel good, doesn’t it?